Thursday, September 2, 2010

SEO and its importances

We are in a competitive world fighting to make us better than others. It is very suited for business, studies, politics … etc. For being better in our day to day activities, it is up to us to prove ourselves that “WHO YOU ARE” in this world. Like same way, SEO needs certain skill to prove your site to SEARCH ENGINES that you are unique from all mirror site or different competitive site.

For instance, take this as an example, Search engine is a sea where fishes are like different site. If the people searches in GOOGLE, YAHOO or MSN search… for fishes like red fish, the net should capture the exact red fish of which we are looking for. For making that Red Fish in the search listing, SEO is needed.

SEO helps in sturdiness to rank in different search engines, search engine optimization is an internet marketing that helps to optimize a site in such a way to bring traffic or visitor into your site to make your business (site) flourish by its site or link popularity.

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