Thursday, March 11, 2010

Different types of Hats used in SEO

In SEO world we used to come around this term "different types of SEO hats".

While browsing i have come across some of the different types of hats. The very safest way is White Hat. Guys follow only white hat to rank organically in Search engine.

The Hats are really just a means to force to think about the different aspects of a problem. They categorized by Coloured Hats, with the colour being symbolic for the approach/aspect of thinking about now. Think of them as the modes of attacking a problem.

SEO Hats types

Currently there are of Eight Hats ... namely

1. White Hat
2. Black Hat
3. Gray or Black Hat
4. Yellow Hat
5. Red Hat
6. Blue hat
7. Pink hat
8. Green Hat

The White Hat:

SEO is done here in ethical way that goes with google webmaster guidelines.

All the tips that comes under Google Web master Guidelines and that I have discussed in first post about ON and OFF page Optimization are called White Hat SEO techniques. In other words it is symbolizing facts and hard data. Always follow the organic way of SEO to rank long in search engine.

Black Hat:

It is quite opposite to white that goes with non ethical way that doesn't go with google webmaster guidelines or non organic way.

The Red Hat:

symbolizing emotions. Here we start making hypotheses about what's going on, but only on an emotional level.

The Black or Gray Hat:

It may be defined as the techniques that are used to get higher search engine rankings in an unethical manner. So anything that the search engine forbids us from doing like doorway pages, cloaking, and hidden text is Black Hat SEO. In short terms it is that applying black hat SEo to get White Hat SEO.

The Yellow Hat:

where we talk about sunny, happy, positive things.

The Green Hat:

It is just a matter of putting all unnecessary procedures and SEO actions to an end and focusing on what all is essential to get in website visitors. When focus is given more on the importance and prominence to the people who visit your website, your site will create more brand awareness, thereby becoming more trustworthy, rather than targeting keywords that provide more traffic, even though it means that you do not have any relevant pages suitable for them. It is to be understood that a happy customer is someone who is more important to your business to get in more profit to you, rather than getting more of inward links.

where you let your mind roams wide and free in endless pastures looking for solutions. Here is when you relax and explicitly think about solutions, ideally using a creative idea generation technique.

Pink Hat SEO

The meaning of the color pink is multifarious, but is generally seen as being loving and sensitive. Combine these with lattes, and you have an SEO who will be alert, possibly sophisticated, and very affectionate toward keyword research. Pink hat SEOs are notorious for having thin skins, however, so be careful.

The Blue Hat:

your sky-high big-picture view of the problem. Think in wider way.

Some say its related to advanced SEO techniques used for web promotion but the same has not yet been declared by any top SEO communities or SEO groups. Originally Blue Hat SEO is a name of a weblog so many misunderstand

And please do note that these SEO colors are not standard ones, they are marketing types distinguished between SEOs who adopt their SEO techniques from ethical to unethical or a mix of both.

BE always Search engine friendly. Follow W3C standards. Rank your site in oraganic way and don't be a spammer. Probably in the near future we might even come up with more colors of SEO as seen in rainbow!!! Lol ;-)


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